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Introduction: The importance of qualitative job ads in the recruiting process is often underestimated. However, the Job Ad Study has brought shocking results to light: a full 90% of HR professionals rate job ads as satisfactory or worse. This sheds an alarming light on current job posting practices and their impact on the candidate market. In this blog article, you will learn why unique job ads are so crucial and how you can optimize your positioning through job ads.

Why job ads often fail: The job ad study shows that many companies follow a perfect applicant avoidance strategy when it comes to job ads. Often job ads are interchangeable, not tailored to the target audience and lack any originality. Companies rely on copy and paste from competitor ads without really understanding the requirements of the job. The result is job ads that are not applicant-centric and target the wrong candidates.

The path to unique job ads: The key to a successful job ad lies in its uniqueness. Here are some steps to optimize your job ads and stand out from the crowd:

  1. Evoke the USP: Identify the unique selling proposition (USP) of your position. Why should a potential applicant choose your position? Emphasize aspects that are particularly advantageous to applicants, such as flexibility, technical depth, or specific benefits.
  2. Analysis of Positioning: Examine how your job stands out from similar positions. What unique benefit or advantage does your position or company offer? Emphasize these differentiators in your job posting.
  3. Regular revision: Job ads should be updated and revised regularly to meet changing needs and trends. Avoid simply copying content and focus on continuous development.

The assessment of job ads: The study also shows a discrepancy between the self-perception of HR professionals and the expert assessment. While more than 50% of the ads receive only poor feedback, HR professionals often rate their job ads more positively. This highlights the need for objective review and continuous improvement.

Why differentiation is crucial: The temptation to copy content from competitor job ads is great. However, the study shows that this is not purposeful. A successful job ad should reflect your corporate culture and the specific requirements of the job. Differentiation allows you to target applicants who really fit the position.

Conclusion: The importance of unique job ads in the recruiting process cannot be overstated. The results of the job ad study show that there is an urgent need to move away from interchangeability and target job ads to the needs of applicants. By highlighting your job’s USP, analyzing and regularly revising your positioning, you can improve the quality of your job ads and target the right candidates. It’s time to focus on high-quality job ads and make a positive impact on the candidate market.

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